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White Forest Records was born in 2012 with the aim of collecting, enhancing and promoting the most captivating Italian alchemies in the fields of new electronic & digital music.
An evanescent borders non-place in which territorial peculiarities and international attitude give life to a plurality of multiform creatures united under intuition and research imprints, in which every expressive singularity is celebrated as the most precious value.

Making use of expert professionals, the label takes care of all the artistic and executive production of each single release.
In 10 years White Forest Records released more than forty releases among LPs, EPs, singles and collections.

Ex → Pluribus → Unum

The mission of the label is primarily to discover, propose and disseminate in both a national and international context the electronic excellence and sound experimentation that flourish in the Italian environment.
Without any stylistic constraint, the aim is to collect and amplify the freshest and most original voices of the wide and varied Italian humus, favoring the development of local independent attitudes and creating a strong and cohesive artistic voice, constantly keeping in mind and peering the global panorama, but being free from abstract xenophilia or vacuous psychological subjection.


General: info@wfr.re
Demo: demo@wfr.re (NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE)

Lorenzo – Founder & Art Director: lorenzo@wfr.re
Luca – Founder & Designer: luca@wfr.re
Cristiano – A&R & Press Office: cristiano@wfr.re
Matteo – Sound Engineer & IT Specialist: matteo@wfr.re