out 28th March, incl. NIKENINJA remix

For fans of: Eartheater, Grimes, FKA Twigs, SOPHIE, Arca, Caroline Polachek, Marina Herlop, Katarina Gryvul, Daniela Pes.

‘To Be Desired by You’, out on 28th March, is the first single anticipating Zora Lucent‘s second album ‘Astoria’ coming out on 13th june via White Forest.

To Be Desired By You‘ is a shimmering testament to yearning and complexity. With delicate alchemy, Zora leads listeners on an introspective journey through hidden and ruminative places. The song encapsulates the intricate dance of desire with its nuanced layers and glistening expression. Dark hues and intricate textures converge, crafting a sonic landscape uniquely Zora’s own. Embrace the enigmatic and embark on a transformative sonic odyssey with this mesmerizing track.

Nora Jane Messerich, aka Zora Lucent, is a composer, producer, vocalist, and artist based in New Orleans, LA. Centering the idea of music as portal, she creates ethereal, visceral sound-paintings forvoice, chamber-classical instruments, percussion and electronics. Driven by experiences oftransformation, catharsis, and the divine through music, Zora offers to guide listeners into waterydepths and introspective otherworlds. Her music breathes with a peculiar tenderness and evanescentliminality – a poetic ushering into deep and numinous realms.

White Forest was born in 2012 with the aim of collecting, enhancing and promoting the most captivating Italian alchemies in the fields of new electronic & digital music.

An evanescent borders non-place in which territorial peculiarities and international attitude give life to a plurality of multiform creatures united under intuition and research imprints, in which every expressive singularity is celebrated as the most precious value.

Making use of expert professionals, the label takes care of all the artistic and executive production of each single release.
In 10 years White Forest released more than fifty releases among LPs, EPs, singles and collections.

01. To Be Desired by You
02. To Be Desired by You (NIKENINJA Remix)

Track 01 composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Nora Jane Messerich / Zora Lucent, mastered by XHLUNIT @ Coreless Collective Sound Studio

Track 02 composed, performed, recorded by Nora Jane Messerich / Zora Lucent, produced, mixed and mastered by NIKENINJA

Cover art by Denise Gorrio and Zora Lucent,
Worldwide distribution by EPM MUSIC,
Executive production and art direction by White Forest Inc.