The 4th split of the CREATURES series out on 25/08/2023.

To celebrate our 10 years of activity, we decided to release a series of splits with the idea of composing a sort of multifaceted VA, declined through a collection of episodes.

As in a bio-evolution experiment, we let the ecosystem of our forest develop in an autonomous and independent way, to discover and collect today, after a decade, the most fascinating, unpredictable and unusual creatures grown in there.

“Creatures” is therefore an imaginary and futuristic codex that lists and describes the thick sound-fauna life-forms that evolved endemically in the Italian undergrowth, a starting point for the unconditional development of a new and unprecedented creative bio-mass, projected to the repopulation of our conceptual and stylistic universe.

Together with the last glimpses of summer, in our new Creatures’ drop we are thrilled to welcome FUCK!LACRÈME and ATŌMI.

Scanning the furthest reaches of our Forest, we find these two fresh and fluid voices, hungry to emerge in the game.

FUCK!LACRÈME’s ‘Who’ is a banger of footwork atmospheres impossible to not dance to.
Obsessive voice samples are chewed again and again on a layer of muscular rhythmic, constantly evolving and morphing to let the energy grow seamlessly.
As essential as incredibly powerful, the tune creeps into the central nervous system as an adrenalin injection, stimulating ancestral reactions and making the body twitch without any possible control.

On the other side ATŌMI’s ‘Absence’ brings completely different scents.
As soon as the listening starts, we suddenly fall in an alternative and liquid dimension.
Sounds reach ears from unspecified points in space, making us feel utterly surrounded and immersed in ATŌMI’s world.
A primordial state envelops and takes over us, but together with this suspensive sensation, delicate but violent bursts of pure energy sting us directly into the marrow.

01. FUCK!LACRÈME – Who 03:00
02. ATŌMI – Absence 04:16

Track 1 composed, produced and mixed by FUCK!LACRÈME
Track 2 composed, produced and mixed by ATŌMI
Mastered by Lorenzo C. @ Coreless Collective Sound Studio
Art and identity by Luca Albino
➦ Worldwide distribution by White Forest Records