The 1st split of the CREATURES series out on 05/05/2023.
Music by NIKENINJA and POL100.

To celebrate our 10 years of activity, we decided to release a series of splits with the idea of composing a sort of multifaceted VA, declined through a collection of episodes.

As in a bio-evolution experiment, we let the ecosystem of our forest develop in an autonomous and independent way, to discover and collect today, after a decade, the most fascinating, unpredictable and unusual creatures grown in there.

“Creatures” is therefore an imaginary and futuristic codex that lists and describes the thick sound-fauna life-forms that evolved endemically in the Italian undergrowth, a starting point for the unconditional development of a new and unprecedented creative bio-mass, projected to the repopulation of our conceptual and stylistic universe.

Our “Creatures” split series couldn’t start better than with the pilot episode driven by these exquisite
tracks from NIKENINJA and POL100.

As in a kind of sound-statement, here we have two different declensions of what contemporary post-club, future-bass and deconstructed-club worlds could be, represented in their best suit.
NIKENINJA’s ‘Three Faced Angel of Acceptance’ is an absolute banger you can’t definitely get out of your head.
Punchy and powerful stuck layers of breaks perfectly match with the alien poppy pitched vocals and the truly emotive and catchy melodies, in a must have tune to listen obsessively again and again.
POL100’s ‘Seventh Wanderer’, on the other side, is much more intense, dark and introspective. The abstract and cinematic mood, brings you to a post-apocalyptic virtual reality, a landscape of urban concrete ruins in which xenomorph figures dance to their crackling individualities. A deep and cathartic journey into your bowel.

01. NIKENINJA Three Faced Angel of Acceptance 3:39
02. POL100 Seventh Wanderer 3:00

Track 1 composed, produced and mixed by NIKENINJA
Track 2 composed and produced by POL100
Art and identity by Luca Albino
Mixed and mastered by Matteo Lo Valvo @ Coreless Collective Sound Studio
➦ Worldwide distribution by White Forest Records